The Foresters Massacre the Tax Collectors 3-2 -And the wild even shares the celebration


It certainly appears to be the launch of a successful journey for the FDA Foresters upon the corridor of the on-going inter-ministerial encounter when the SKD Sport Complex honorably declared her victorious over the LRA Tax Collectors on Friday June 8, 2018 at the end of the full ninety minute duel.

The 3-2 victory for the Foresters over the Revenue Tax Collectors has obviously ignited the hope of the FDA family thereby seemingly giving them the hope and faith to further generate a positive feeling of harvesting success in the coming games. However, the victory earned over the Revenue Collectors can be safely likened to the process in excavating a deep seated treasure from the surface of the earth.

Indeed, the Revenue Tax Collectors initially posed serious threat based on their spectacular passes and demonstrated skills from the initial stage of the duel which certainly caused the hearts of the Green boys and their supporters to throb when in the 8th minute of the match they greeted the net of the Forest boys with one goal.

But soon the beaming and rising hope being created by the Tax Collectors began to take one step behind in favor of the Forest boys, if not losing color,  when the FDA side competently neutralized the goal in the 37th minute in the first half few minutes away  from half time.  The Kolinkay Nimely created redemption in favor of the Forest guards was made possible from the skillful pass by ‘needle boy’, Seth Wallace, Jr. The Kolinky-Wallace formation was like giving the prepared bullet the trigger it deserves to inflict wound on the target.

It can be safely estimated that the resurrecting hope of the Forest Boys and the declining one of the Tax Collectors were now in their own unique ring of gladiators as the two sides struggled to deliver the physical proof of their own equation as far as the duel was concerned. And certainly the God of the Foresters and that of the Tax collector were equally in their own respective chambers testing the strength of their rods to ensure that their side became victorious.

However, not long upon the resumption of the second leg of the match when the Revenue Boys triggered another ounce of frustration by quickly punching in the second goal thus creating their own throne and again crowing themselves as leader in the march thus giving the FDA side more worry to bear. Call it a sea-saw battle given what squarely amounted “do me I do you” scenario as both team bitterly wriggled to build an early solid foundation of hope.

Then the Foresters neutralized the dust of celebration that was being sprouted from the heels of the Revenue guys when the equalizer was brilliantly registered from the legs of  Teteh of the FDA.  Only the God of sport could foretell at the moment who takes the day as both teams fought to cleave upon the least chance in the dying minute.  And certainly as may be the will of chance and opportunity in favor of the FDA side Adolphus Grant soon sealed the deal when he scored the winning goal for the Sheperds of the trees thereby raising the flag of FDA over and above that of their LRA counterpart.






Meanwhile, the females Kickball team earlier fell prey to their counter parts from LRA 2-1 in a fierce battle described by spectators as one of best games of the tournaments.

Dressed in dominant yellow jersey the girls team took to the stand but could not create a home run. LRA females responded positively by having two home runs. The first home run ended 2-0 in the favor of LRA.



LRA who is the defending champion could not withhold the high and courageous determination of the foresters who managed a one home run which was done through the instrumentality of Cynthia koung who was wearing jersey #5. The game ended 2-1  in favor of LRA.

Speaking briefly after the game, the coach of the defeated side Abdulai Toure said his players were suffering from inferiority complex because of the clash against the defending champions.

He promised to qualify with the male counterpart from the zone.



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