A Need to Equip Rangers To Police National Parks

Evidently the Sapo National Park, among many other protected areas set aside by the law represents Liberia’s pride as far as global quest for conservation management is concerned. Located in Sinoe County, South Eastern Liberia the park remains one of the measurable fountains for the sanctuary of wide life and other natural resources for which Liberia is obviously held in high esteem by the outside world, especially conservationists and tourists. The Park and other protected areas are certainly vital especially in the wake of the prevailing global warming and climatic conditions which seem not to be favorable to mankind. It can be safely insinuated therefore that Liberia cannot afford to let the Park live at the mercy of poachers and other categories of people who care less to see the survivability of those provisions of nature which constitute the cream of our national heritage.

FDA Rangers

The National Park remains fundamentally salient as it is our national pride and dignity. As a matter of fact, heritage is the practical evidence of history and history is obviously defined and defined when marched to its standing heritage, in this case, the Sapo National Park and other protected areas in Liberia. Seemingly, from a distant look through imagination, the Park may certainly appear to be decently captured given its historicity and legal status. As far as the principle of conservation is concerned the greatness of a given land depends on its ability to conserve what nature has provided. The foundation of national stability, in addition to the culture of politics, is contingent on how well natural resources are managed and sustained to benefit present and future generations.

However, it is unfortunate that the Sapo National Park has and continues to suffer from the hands of poachers, wealth hunters and other unguided individuals who, either consciously or unconsciously lack the understanding and purpose of the park. They seem blind to the legal existence of the park and they are accustomed. The killing and wounding of a few FDA rangers last week by these poachers obviously corroborate how deadly these people are in destroying standing heritage such as the Sapo Park. A high power FDA team was in the South East last week to conduct fact finding as to what led to the death of the staff members. Whatever the case, there is need to raise capable rangers to properly police the parks and other protected areas. In the absence of well trained and armed rangers, the park will always remain vulnerable to illegal attacks. Recently the FDA management applied to the National Police Authority to train 150 rangers to police the parks so as to avert possible attacks by illegal miners. To date the request remains on the ice. It is therefore needful for management to pursue the same path in the wake of the recent attacks and killing of FDA ranger in the Park. Otherwise, the nation risks losing these protected areas and therefore losing its pride and dignity. There is need to enforce the wildlife law of Liberia as a surest way of protecting and conserving the generations of what nature of blessed us as a nation and people.

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