The Forestry Development Authority is a state corporation established by an Act
of the Legislature in 1976 with the mandate of ensuring the sustainable management and conservation of Liberia’s forest and related natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations. This mandate was further
strengthened through the National Resource Law of 1979. The 2006 National Forestry Reform Law is the current legal instrument that guides the management of forest resources in Liberia.

Camera Trap from Sapo National Park

Forest Management.

Sustainable Forest Management in Liberia is based on the (three) 3Cs approach which provides a policy platform for the forest sector:

  • Commercial Forestry
  • Community Forestry
  • Conservation Forestry

The 3’Cs approach provides a policy platform for Liberia’s forest sector.

Integrating these pillars, FDA works to
Conserve and sustainably manage all forest resources to enable them continue to provision of a complete
range of goods and services for the benefit of all Liberians and also contribute to poverty reduction