FDA Board Lauds Management

 Sister Mary Laurene Browne

-Rates Its Performance Excellent

Board Chair Sister Mary Laurene Browne has expressed excitement over the performance of management and rated its performance excellent. She made particular reference to its reporting channel and recoding keeping something she noted is lacking in most places.

She made the remarks when she made a concluding statement during a recent Board meeting.  She then pledged the Board’s continued commitment in guiding the management especially at a time when forest management has claimed the world attention.

She said the Board will do all it can to endorse those salient proposals put forth by management regarding the conduct its community forestry agenda, remains cardinal issue in the society.

Earlier, the ManagingDirector Hon. Harrison S. Karnwea, Sr. who is also secretary to the Board provided detailed briefing regarding the status of the Gola National Park and Wide life Acts which are before the lawmakers awaiting passage.

He also briefed the Board on the status of the Norwegian   government’s intent to infuse USD$150 million for use to conserve 30 percent of Liberia’s protected area. He described the intent of the Norwegian government as “global social responsibility” something he said will help alleviate the social and economic hardship facing forest dependents.

He said it was unfortunate that such intent has not been grasped by many persons especially in the wake of threats against our forests by illegal harvesters and miners. He sees the Norway gesture as something which should be embraced because it is not unique to Liberia, but other countries like Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, amongst others.

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