FDA celebrates New Managing Director -Terms President Sirleaf’s appointment timely

The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) Headquarters in Whien Town outside Monrovia, lighted up on Monday, April 10, 2017 in celebration of its New Managing Director when the Headquarters staff formally welcomed Hon. Darlington S. Tuagben to steer the affairs of the institution.

Most of the staff interviewed expressed support for the decision of the Board of Director to recommend Hon, Tuagben and for his preferment by the President. They hailed the decision as being in the right direction as the new Managing Director has exceptionally performed in his previous position as Deputy Managing Director for Operation at FDA.

In a brief remark, Hon. Tuagben admonished employees to properly execute their duties to make the entity second to none. He pointed out that FDA, being a revenue generation entity, the employees should work harder to alleviate the current financial difficulties that are facing government.


He continued that those challenges that are negatively impacting and impeding progress at the FDA such as the lack of logistics and finance may be things of the past if we are committed to our responsibilities.

He called  close collaboration, coordination, cooperation amongst and between employees, adding. “I am not intending to erase what my Boss, Hon. Harrison S. Karnwea, Sr, has put in place; but to build upon the blue print or foundations he established”.

The Deputy Managing Director for Administration and Finance, Hon. Kederick F. Johnson, described the appointment of the new Managing Director as historic and welcoming because Hon Tuagben was not new at the entity as he has fully participated and thoroughly implemented major decisions in interest of the institution and he believes he is prepare to do more in the new portfolio.

Hon. Johnson called for togetherness at FDA and disabused the minds of employees who are normally in the habits of spreading gossips and internal rankling to turn a new page for the success of FDA.

The Deputy Managing Director applauded the FDA’s Board for recommending Hon. Tuagben and his subsequent appointment as the Managing Director and that all employees will rally around him for positively contribution to the development of Liberia.

The Regional Forester of Region 4, Madam Ruth Varney, speaking on half of the other 3 regional Foresters, congratulated the new MD for his preferment; she stressed that working as a forester in rural communities and understanding the condition of logistical support and those things that stimulate successes at an entity, as the new MD has done, placed him in a better position to handle the little peculiarities and bottle necks.


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