Five FDA Staff Return from INBAR Similar In China

Five middle level staff members of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) recently returned from Beijing, China where they formed part of a similar conducted by the International Network of Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) aimed at building the Human capacity of developing countries that are implementing programs in the Bamboo and Rattan forest sector. It aims at further promoting sustainability in this industry and enhance the capacity of beneficiary Countries to improve their method of production, create a green economy and mitigate the high risk of climate change.

During this training program, participants were educated about the history of China’s Bamboo and Rattan Forest sector reform, transformation, and programs instituted over the years that led to the positive achievements of its sector.


China has been able to economically transform the lives of rural dwellers as a result of the policies and programs instituted through a bottom to top approach. Such approach is leading the Country into industrial technology by given other nations access to their market. Today China is not only looking at timber production in the forestry sector, but it is promoting Bamboo and Rattan forest sector. This national endeavor has contributed immensely to the GDP of China and has reduced the unemployment level in the highest producing region, Anji County.

Participants at the training program had the opportunity of travelling to State Owned Bamboo forest and visited some famous historical sites while in China. Liberia was among 13 countries which benefited from this training.

FDA/ Liberia was represented by Emmanuel Lewis, Philip Wheyee, Amelia Teage, and Gertrude Facko; the staff have expressed their thanks and appreciation to the government of China for the opportunity afforded them to gain what they called ‘appropriate knowledge’ in the bamboo and rattan forest sector

Liberian Delegation with Organizers of the Program

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