Government through FDA-RIU Presents transport equipment to EPA -to enhance sustainable Forest Management

The Government of Liberia through the Forestry Development Authority with support from the Government of Norway and the World Bank Monday 8th May presented transport equipment including a fleet of vehicles and motorcycles to the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), under the Liberia Forest Sector Project, (LFSP) under component one of the Liberia Forest Sector Project which calls for both core and targeted support to heighten the institutional capacity of the Project Implementing Entities, (PIEs), including the Environmental Protection Agency among other institutions to implement the Liberia Forest Sector Project.

Presenting the keys of the vehicles and motorcycles to the Environmental protection Agency through its Executive Director, Anyaa Vohiri, the National Coordinator for REDD+, Saah A. David jr. narrated that the Liberia Forest Sector Project is a result of a Letter of Intent signed by the Governments of Liberia and Norway in 2014. “The intent of the Liberia Forest Sector Project is to help Liberia meet some of the goals the country set in the 2006 National Forestry Reform Law.”  The 2006 National Forestry Reform Law is a result of the National Forestry Reform Process that formed the basis for the lifting of United Nations Sanctions which were imposed as a result of abuse, waste and illegality in the Liberian forest sector. The REDD+ National Coordinator hinted that Liberia is home to the largest remaining portion of the forest in the upper Guinea region and during the reform process committed to setting aside ten percent of that forest. “The REDD+ process and the succeeding Liberia Forest Sector project have come to assist the Government and people of Liberia in achieving sustainable forest management among other objectives and the Environmental Protection Agency as co-chair of the REDD+ process has been a key driver of the initiative”, he stressed. The efficient and effective use of the transport equipment by the EPA, he emphasized, will attract more support to the entity adding that the support was only the beginning and more was to come including human capacity development and enhancement.  He emphasized that he was presenting the transport equipment to the EPA on behalf of the Government of Liberia through the FDA, and by extension the Liberia Forest Sector Project and the REDD+ Implementation Unit as well as the Government of Norway and the World Bank.

Receiving the keys to the transport equipment, the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Anyaa Vohiri,  flanked by her principal Deputy, Urias  Goll, on behalf of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  and the Board Chairperson of the EPA Board, Finance and Development Minister, Boima Kamara, Commended the Government of Norway for the donation describing it as critical to the operation of the EPA as it will help the entity’s  staff in the field to effectively carry out their duties as well as  ensure the successful implementation of the Liberia Forest Sector Project.  Confirming the commitment of the EPA to continuously collaborate with the FDA to ensure sustainable forest management, the EPA boss thanked the FDA and the REDD+ Implementation Unit for making the donation possible.  She challenged the EPA staff to use the transport equipment responsibly as a way of attracting additional support.

The EPA has already deployed the vehicles as follows: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Environmental Safeguard, County Coordination and Inspectorate, Environmental Compliance and Enforcement as well as Planning and Coordination.


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