Joyful Noise At FDA-As management unveils the fruits of its dream


Employees at the Forestry Development have begun rejoicing in their closets while hailing the management for practically living up to its promises as required under the pro-poor agenda.  They termed the management team as a true solution and skillful driver capable of making the desired changes at FDA.


At a well-attended meeting held on Friday August 31, 2018, at the Shad G. Kaydea Board Room in Whein Town, Monrovia, the Deputy Managing Director for Administration and Finance, Benjamin Tennessee Plewon assuredly told the employees that the management has succeeded in paving way for loan opportunity, salary advance, a better option for health insurance, among other things as measures being taken to ensure their welfare.


Mr. Plewon said it is the dream and desire of the management to see the workers socially and financially fortified, something he said is required of any people-centered administration. He used the occasion to admonish the employees to hold together in unity as a family and urged them to purge their minds of negative and wishful thoughts that are only counter-productive to institutional growth and development.


He noted that the management is prepared to ensure that the Weah-led pro-poor administration gets the feel of the FDA team by living up to its promises. The Deputy FDA boos emphasize that national life requires national opportunities that could enable the citizens beat away poverty and live under the limelight of prosperity in their own land that is so blessed with natural resources.


In remarks the President of the Workers’ Union, Edward Swen wholeheartedly thanked management on behalf of the employees and expressed gratitude that the management has begun taken what he called giant step to better the lives of the workers. He described the management as a true agent as it relates to implementation of government’s pro-poor agenda. He promised that the workers will continue to support the dream of management especially in a situation where the nationalism has become the order of the day.


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