Liberia Presents R-Package Self-Assessment Report to FCPF

Left to right- Hon. Borwen L. Sayon, Deputy Managing Director/Opr/FDA, Mr. Saah A. David jr. REDD+ National Coordinator, Neeta Hooda, Task Team Lead W/B

Liberia has presented a Participatory Self -Assessment and Synthesis of its R-Package (Readiness Package) at the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) Participants Committee and participants Assembly meeting in Luang Prabang, Laos. The presentation by Liberia was stratified into four components including REDD+ Integration and Alignment with national development agenda, Liberia’s R-Package Assessment and progress, Participants Committee (FCPF Highest Decision Making Body) comments at Mid-Term Report (MTR) versus progress and next steps.

Under integration and alignment with national development agenda, Liberia reported that the REDD+ Strategy is consistently being integrated and aligned with major laws and policies in Liberia including but not limited to the National Agenda for Transformation, the National Climate Change Policy, Climate Change Gender Action Plan and Protected Areas and Wildlife Law as well as the National Forestry Reform Law (2006), among others. On Liberia’s Readiness Package assessment, Liberia reported that the FCPF Readiness Assessment Framework (RAF) utilizing the 35 RAF questions for self-assessment with adjustment as well as gender mainstreaming to incorporate synergy between REDD+ and VPA/FLEGT (Voluntary Partnership Agreement/ Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade) guided the assessment as well as gender mainstreaming.

Liberia further reported that an independent, external consultant with background in forestry, REDD+ and evaluation facilitated the assessment with six consultative meetings and a national validation workshop held.

Giving a broad outlook of the outcome of the R-Package assessment, Liberia reported that the assessment report showed that significant progress was achieved with some areas progressing well and a few others requiring progress and further development. Liberia also reported progress in stakeholder engagement, National REDD+ Management arrangement as well as the approval of the National REDD+ Strategy among others. It indicated that REDD+ funding has enhanced engagements with platforms such as County Forest Forums, Community Forest Management Bodies, REDD+ and SESA (Strategic Environmental Social Assessment) and Rural Women Platforms, among others.

On the next steps, Liberia indicated that the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) will work with existing projects to link activity and output reporting to the main actions in REDD+ Strategy which is ongoing, finalize and operationalize the Feedback Grievance Redress Mechanism (FGRM) at national, county and local levels as well as design and establish a National REDD+ registry. At the same time Liberia reported that an agreement has been finalized and will be coordinated to upgrade activity data, and operationalize NFMS and Reference Emission Level (REL), Negotiations for SIS development to meet the Cancun and Warsaw agreements under UNFCCC to operationalize the ESMF Which is already ongoing as well as the RIU facilitating the process leading to clarification and legal basis for carbon rights and benefit sharing within the context of REDD+, financing arrangements for REDD+ funds.

Borwen L. Sayon, Deputy Managing Director for Operations at the Forestry Development Authority and Saah A. David Jr. REDD+ National coordinator, represented Liberia. The reports can be found on FDA’s website

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