President Sirleaf Seeks Advance Training for Young Liberians

Washington, D.C.: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has called on Texas Instruments (TI), a leading global technology company, to afford young Liberians aspiring for a profession in technology the opportunity to benefit from the company’s training programs. According to a dispatch from Washington, President Sirleaf made the call on June 29, 2017, when she visited the headquarters of TI in Dallas Texas. Founded in 1930, Texas Instruments is a global Fortune 500 technology company. During a meeting with TI Executives, President Sirleaf indicated that as the company plans to expand its presence in Africa, Liberia is an ideal place for TI to establish an operating center. She added that Liberia is ideal because English is spoken in Liberia and many young Liberians returning home from surrounding countries speak fluent French, which is also widely spoken in the region. President Sirleaf expressed the hope that young Liberian professionals in the areas of technology would be afforded the opportunity to benefit from TI’s internship and other training opportunities to better prepare them for quality service. She also noted that by affording Liberians training opportunity and establishing a presence in Liberia would create a market for TI’s technology and products in the region. The President also participated in a live interactive discussion on the TI Diversity Network (TIDN), the company’s television channel, in an auditorium crowded with employees and mostly interns.During the employee event, which was hosted by the TI Women’s Initiative and the TI Diversity Network, President Sirleaf recounted a brief story of her life, of how she has managed to succeed by setting goals and working hard to accomplish those goals. She urged women and young people to remain focused in the pursuit of their goals or as they strive to realize their dreams,irrespective of the challenges they may encounter.

Photo Credit: Mr. Abel Plackie

The live interactive event, moderated by Ms. Cecelia Smith, TI Vice President for Analog, was characterized by questions and comments from the audience, mostly interns, some of them from different countries. Among the interns was a young Gambian, who thanked President Sirleaf for her leadership role in peacefully resolving the leadership crisis early this year in his homeland, The Gambia. President Sirleaf was accompanied to the TI Headquarters by Education Minister George Werner, Monrovia City Mayor Clara Doe Mvogo, Liberia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Lewis Brown, and the Charge’ d’Affaires at the Embassy of Liberia in US Jeff G. Dowana, among others.

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