The Liberia Forest Sector Project (LFSP) is part of the Liberia Forest Program supported by the partnership established between the Government of Liberia (GoL) and the Government of Norway (GoN) with respect to the:

  • (i) the proposed forest sector investment and technical assistance project
  • (ii) a rubber plantations emergency operation jointly with IFC to support the renewal of rubber plantations and,
  • (iii) a results-based carbon payment operation for verified emission reductions that will pay for the emissions reductions and carbon sequestered by the activities done in Phase III.

Specifically, the LFSP will support the following components:

  • Component 1. Strengthened Regulatory and Institutional Arrangements for Implementation of REDD+
  • Component 2. Strengthened Management of Targeted Forest Landscapes
  • Component 3. Forest Monitoring Information System
  • Component 4. Project Monitoring and Management

The relevant national policies related to the proposed project include the following:

  • National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, 2004;
  • National Forestry Policy and Implementation Strategy, 2006;
  • National Forest Management Strategy, 2007;
  • Land Rights Policy, 2013;
  • Land Administration Policy, 2015;
  • Guidelines for Forest Management Planning in Liberia (2007);
  • National Energy Policy, 2009;
  • National Environmental Policy, 2003; and
  • National Environmental and Occupational Health Policy, 2010.
  • Draft Revised National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, (2015), and
  • Liberia Protected Areas Network Strategic Plan (2008)

The key activities for which mitigation actions will be required may comprise the following:

  • Allocation and development of selected forest areas into protected area status
  • Establishment of biological corridors
  • Territorial demarcation
  • Training of forest rangers
  • Building of offices
  • Pilot projects on alternative livelihoods
  • Development of domestic market for charcoal and lumber business
  • Capacity Building- Extension and Communications