Sanctuary for Wildlife Species Underway FDA, LIBASSA, ECO Lodge Sign MOU

The Management of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), LIBASSA and ECO LODGE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at protecting and preserving wildlife species throughout the country. Under the terms of the MOU wildlife species will henceforth be prohibited for sale on the local markets places or used as food or pets.
The MOU therefore obligates the three institutions to ensure the legal protection and conservation of these species is strictly adhered to if the future existence of wildlife is to be assured.
The FDA, SCNL and LIBASSA have agreed to collaborate and support each other in the establishment of a Wildlife Sanctuary to be named and styled “LIBASSA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY” within the lower Margibi County area located on the high way to Marshall City.
According to the agreement, the sanctuary will keep, provide care and give support to confiscated wildlife species kept as pets:


The FDA shall confiscate and transport wildlife to the sanctuary, provide permits to the sanctuary to care and give support, provide institutional support in an effort to raise financial and technical support within and outside of Liberia.
FDA shall second some of its staffs to the sanctuary to provide training and fulltime work as wildlife keepers and caregivers as well as assist in the collaboration with UL wildlife- FTI wildlife surveys on the sanctuary and help identify and propose staffs for the management of the sanctuary.
It shall additionally provide subsidy to the sanctuary in order to assist with the feeding and the animals


The SCNL shall receive and transport wildlife to the sanctuary, to assist in maintenance, feeding animal as well as veterinary care.
The SCNL will assist in operating, managing in collaboration with the University of Liberia and the Forestry Training Institute and other partners.


For its part LIBASSA will provide land space for the sanctuary, survey and map the facility, build enclosed service rooms’ nurseries, feed preparation rooms and storage, among others.

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