Status report on consultancy on Liberia’s Reference Scenario – Oct 2015

Consultants: Winrock International, Conservation International, Edinburgh Carbon Consultants

October 5, 2015

The inception report was submitted and has been revised, based on comments from FDA, and resubmitted

In late September, Winrock conducted a visit to Monrovia, and in coordination with Conservation International Liberia, conducted meetings with the REDD Technical Working Group (RTWG) and other relevant stakeholders. The visit began with a meeting with the RTWG to communicate project objectives and discuss critical issues. In an effort to communicate project goals, build relationships, collect available data, and assess capacity Individual meetings were held with the following agencies:

  • Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Forestry Development Authority (FDA)
  • National Bureau of Concessions (NBC)
  • Ministry of Lands, Mines, and Energy

Progress on individual tasks follows.

Task 1: Defining the scope of RELs/RLs

Various forest definitions are being explored. Work is currently underway using the definition of 30% forest cover, minimum area of one hectare.

The potential to include degradation and enhancement within reference level is being explored. If

Task 2: Compilation and analysis of activity data and emission factors

Activity data: The RL team has coordinated with the Geoville/Metria team to acquire available spatial data. A list of available datasets has been developed, and includes land cover, canopy cover, forest loss, forest gain, satellite data, and infrastructure layers (e.g. roads). Additional datasets have been acquired from FDA and are currently being reviewed. Additional datasets are being sought from LISGIS and NBC.

Emission factors: Some existing biomass datasets have been identified, but data have not been attained. Discussions are underway with FDA and other agencies to locate data if possible and identify additional data sources, if necessary. Regional datasets are being explored, to supplement data available from Liberia’s forests.

Task 3 on (historical reference levels) and Task 4 (adjustment for national circumstances) will be addressed following the completion of Tasks 1 and 2.

Task 5: Development of capacity building strategy

During September visit, a presentation was made to the REDD Technical Working Group on the basic components of a Reference Level, and the steps needed to develop the RL for Liberia. In visits to stakeholder agencies, an initial and informal assessment of capacity was made. A formal survey is being developed to further assess capacity and identify needs for workshops. This assessment will be conducted during the month of October.

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