Vigorous Rebirth Process Begins At SPU – Five-year Strategic Plan package Unveiled

The Strategic Planning Unit (SPU) at the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) is expected to earn desired gains consistent with its renewed mandate in the wake of the new framework and dispensation. With a five-year strategic plan being considered and carved by local and international consultants, SPU has now become an institutional peddler to drive the Strategic plan in a much more effective manner.

To this end an all-inclusive workshop supported by the Liberia Forest Sector Project and aimed at inaugurating this vision was held August 3, 2017 at the S. Trowen Nagbe United Methodist Church on 14th Street Sinkor attended by about 60 staff members from various strategic departments, divisions and units of the Forestry Development Authority. The day long capacity development and enhancement training was held under the theme “Inter-departmental Planning and coordination workshop.  The REED+ Implementation Unit, a world Bank institution partnering with FDA sponsored the one-day work held at the S. Trowen Nagbe United Methodist Church located at 14th Monrovia.

In his opening remarks, the Managing Director of FDA, Mr. Darlington Tuagben urged the participants to take ownership of the workshop in all respects because according to him the workshop contained those ingredients that would give FDA the desired headway in terms of being strategic and operational in the next five years. Mr. Tuagben underscored the significance of planning and promised that his administration will support the process realistically.

In his words, ”On behalf of the Government of Liberia through the Board of Directors, management and staff of the Forestry Development Authority, we are indeed pleased to warmly welcome you to this inter-departmental strategic planning and coordination capacity enhancement workshop. This initiative lies at the core of our vision, mission and strategic objective to construct a wholesome functioning entity whose net realizable value is held in long term sustainable management of our remaining forest and related natural resources, ecosystems, as well as just benefits for the people of Liberia. These we believe can be achieved only with continuous concerted and sustained capacity development and enhancement such as the workshop we are having today. We indeed intend to remain deliberate in pursuing short, medium and long term professional individual and institutional capacity enhancement as a recipe for effective and efficient service delivery.

“Recent institutional reform processes in the public sector of our nation, coupled with our vision to accelerate and enhance the growth rate of sustainable forest resource management constitute the bedrock of this capacity development and enhancement initiative which we are convinced will respond to the capacity challenges we are faced with. This proactive attempt by us and our national and international supporting development partners and institutions is indeed laudable-hence we say thanks and reiterate that a lot has been achieved but much more can be realized when we commit ourselves with a unified vision and mission.

“Let me now urged all of us to give our fullest attention and actively and fully participate in this workshop bearing in mind that we will measure your output against the knowledge we will acquire from this workshop and subsequent capacity development and enhancement programs.

“Once again, thanks to all our national and international partners for their support and contributions. With these few comments we now declare this workshop formally opened.”

In presenting the overview of the workshop, the local consultant D. Harrison Luo said the reform initiative was consistent with government’s policy  for  institutional reform process in public sectors across Liberia for capacity development and enhancement to respond to the huge capacity challenges in these sectors. He emphasized the importance of the exercise as being the only bedrock for sustained institutional growth and development.

Speaking on behalf of the participants, the Regional Forester assigned in Region #1 Ruth Varney thanked the organizers for affording them the opportunity to attend the workshop and gain desired knowledge in strategic planning. She promised the organizers that the outcome of the workshop would be used to expedite the growth the FDA.

For his part the coordinator of the REED+ Implementation Unit, Saad David, Jr. lauded the zealousness of the participants and described the workshop as fruitful exercise in recent time and promised that a supplementary one would be held in the very near future.



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