Liberia Forest Sector Project

The project development objectives of Forest Sector Project for Liberia improved management of, and increased benefit-sharing in, targeted forest landscapes. This project has three components. 1) The first component, Strengthened Regulatory and Institutional Arrangements for Implementation of REDD , will finance Technical assistance (TA), consultants, and non-consultant services, goods, works, trainings and workshops, and operational costs needed to reform and harmonize the existing legal regime and to strengthen institutional and professional capacities for improved management of forest landscapes. The first component has following two subcomponents: (i) the first subcomponent, Strengthened Capacity in Institutions (Public, Private, CSOs) for Improved Management of Forest Landscapes will provide support for existing multi-stakeholder coordination mechanisms established as part of the REDD readiness process and Sustainable Forest Management (SFM); and (ii) the second subcomponent, Legal Reform, will support the GoL in the process of relevant legal reform and effective implementation of REDD related laws and policies, such as harmonization of the Community Rights Law (CRL); the National Forest Reform Law (2006); the Land Rights Policy (2013); and their attendant regulations, in coordination with ongoing projects that are addressing similar issues. 2) The seond component, Strengthened Capacity for Management of Targeted Forest Landscapes, will finance TA, works, goods, training and workshops, subprojects, and operational costs for land use planning, conservation, community forestry, sustainable agroforestry, and forest management to support local communities and their organizations within the targeted landscapes to improve the sustainable management and conservation of natural resources and improve the economic and social benefits derived from them.

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